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Gremban siblings bring family dynamic to state cross country meet

Story By Nathan Meihak
Local Sports Published 10/27/2021 8:11PM, Last Updated 10/28/2021 6:31PM
Eagle River - October 30 will mark the grand finale of the high school cross country season. The state meet will take place in Wisconsin Rapids, and Northland Pines will send two runners who share a little more than the school name on their shirts.

Sam and Nora Gremban are siblings who have both qualified to run at the state meet, which is a rare occurrence. 

Although they will be cheering for one another, it won't settle the massive rivalry between the two.

"For me, it's a complete rivalry,' said Sam. "Even after a short little run, I always want to beat my sister."

"It's one of those things where we'll be finishing a workout and we'll almost end right at our house and he'll sprint to the finish. I'll be like, 'We're done! Why are you sprinting?!'' added Nora.

The family ties stretch well past just Sam and Nora. They'll also be competing against their cousins Joey Sullivan of Medford and Rhinelander's Greyson Gremban.

But more importantly is the woman on the sidelines, Amy Gremban, who wears two hats--one as coach and the other as mom.

"If I'm slacking, she'll get on me for that," said Sam.

"She's not afraid to call us out," added Nora. "There's times, like right before we hit the start line, it's like 'Coach Mode'. And then right after, it's hugs and kisses like 'Oh my gosh, you did so great!' It's super funny, the transition; it's like two different people!"

The state meet will be held at Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids. 
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