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Northwoods Explorers host stargazing party

Story By Andrew Kieckhefer
Local News Published 10/11/2021 5:27PM, Last Updated 10/11/2021 6:32PM
Minocqua - Before the rain rolled in, the Saturday night sky over Minocqua Winter Park twinkled with little dots of light made up of stars, satellites, and planets. It was all against a black backdrop with only a sliver of the moon.

Astronomy and space enthusiasts shared a night under the enchanting night sky. They gathered for a stargazing party presented by The Northwoods Explorers of Space and Astronomy members.

Jim Head, president of The Northwoods Explorers of Space and Astronomy and NASA solar system ambassador, said that the parties give people both education on the universe and a perspective about the size of everything. At the cue of sunset, Jim delivered introductions and a lesson.

By the end of all regards, attendees' eyes were well adjusted to the darkness. Everyone carefully formed lines to take turns looking through the telescopes. One by one, onlookers awed as they gazed through the high-grade optics .

"Many times their reaction is that it's not real because they've never seen such a high-quality view through a quality telescope before," said Head.

Anyone interested in keeping up with more out-of-this-world affairs can do so on social media. The Northwoods Explorers of Space and Astronomy use their Facebook page to share their upcoming public events.

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