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Best friends reunite to bring food truck to Phillips

Story By Morgan Johnson
Local News Published 09/21/2021 2:54PM, Last Updated 09/21/2021 7:57PM
Phillips - "Here we are," said Derek Vyskocil. "Now you have the brunch box."

Josh Petty and Vyskocil were best friends growing up in Phillips. But after high school, life took them their separate ways. Then the pandemic led them to reflect.

"2020 kind of hit and it was an opportunity for me to just sit back and think about where I wanted to be, and ultimately it just felt like the right time to start a new adventure," Derek said.

Josh worked as an engineer in the Nothwoods while Derek became a chef in Minnesota. They both wanted something different, and to reunite.

"Decided we were both just kind of sick of the jobs we were doing and wanted to try something a little bit different, something where we're our own bosses and where we could finally work together," Josh said.

They sensed a need in their hometown for another food option, and they started from the ground up. They bought a food truck and did all of the interior work themselves. While Josh might not share the same culinary background as Derek, they shared the same vision.

"We both knew that we wanted to do breakfast and lunch food, and that's kind of where brunch kind of came in and obviously, being a very large box, we decided well, hey, what the heck, so that's kind of where the name originated from," said Derek.

The Brunch Box serves a variety of breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, soups, desserts, and hot and cold beverages.

Although other jobs took them around the Midwest, eventually the friends circled back to the place they know best: their hometown of Phillips--a new adventure in a familiar place.

"I can say I'm a lot happier doing this than what I was doing before, and it's ours. It's something we can both be very very proud of," Josh said.

You can find The Brunch Box's Facebook pageĀ here. The friends are also available at 715-820-6623.
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