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Family in need of new septic system to save their home

Story By Lilly Zoller
Local News Published 09/19/2021 5:38PM, Last Updated 09/20/2021 3:27PM
Rhinelander -

"And then right after that I met him, we started dating and then I ended up marrying him," said Mary Jane Blocker, the wife of the late Lloyd Blocker.

Maryjane and Lloyd Blocker were married for 67 years.

"So that's how I met my husband at a Halloween dance," said Blocker. 

According to many of their 10 children, though, theirs was no simple love story. It was a tale between soulmates. 

"Everything that my father did he did for his family," said Doreen Lunde, the daughter of Lloyd and Mary Jane Blocker. "Especially my mother." 

After seeing a for sale sign on a house in their favorite vacation town, Lloyd and Maryjane worked tirelessly to save up and buy it. Once it was theirs, Lloyd spent every moment he wasn't working building a home for him and the love of his life. 

"He built the deck back here for her and put up her garden, her little flower garden in there," said Lunde. 

She's been in this house for 47 years. 

"These hearts up here on the eaves of the house, my dad put a special touch on there for my mom. He put those hearts up there to show my mom how much he loved her and how much he loved building this house for her."

It is a home full of memories and traditions. The most well-remembered was Lloyd's annual Christmas decorations. He spent the three months leading up to Christmas covering his house in thousands of lights that brought children and community members back year after year. 

"We miss it all, we just miss it all but we have such beautiful memories of my dad and what he did for the community," said Lunde. 

His lights were so iconic here in Rhinelander that Lloyd earned the nickname Mr. Christmas. Mr. Christmas continued to spread holiday cheer until he wasn't there to do it anymore. 

"He would talk to them and ask them 'Have you been a good boy? A good little girl?' and 'Yeah, we have been, Mr. Blocker," said Lunde. 

The walls he built and decorated are still keeping the light of his life safe.

"It'll be my home until I die because he built it for me," said Blocker. "And everything in that house he built for me."

But a failing septic system could force her out ahead of schedule. The Blocker family is working to raise money to replace the system so their mother can spend her final days in the home they built with their lifetime together. 

"We're just hoping that the community can help us out for this so my mother can live the remainder of her years in the home that she loves so much and has got so many memories," said Lunde. 

Their goal is to raise $7,000. You can help them reach that goal by donating here.

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