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Photo by Kyle Pozorski

40th annual Fall Ride takes place

Story By Kyle Pozorski
Local News Published 09/19/2021 7:04AM, Last Updated 09/19/2021 4:05PM
Tomahawk - The Northwoods is home a variety of events that bring people from all around to enjoy. This weekend, Tomahawk played host to motorcyclists who came to enjoy their bikes. 

"We're just out having a good time," said Earl Neville, a traveler from Winona, Minnesota. Earl says that bikers come from across the country to take part in Tomahawk's signature fall event. "I've seen people from New York, I've seen people from California that come here and come to Sturgis and come here, and they'll be in Daytona, and it's pretty neat," said Neville. 

Neville continued saying that coming to Fall Ride is just a part of enjoying his chopper. "It's enjoyable, you know. It's freedom to ride. You can get on a motorcycle and you can see the wildlife, you can see the national parks. It just seems like it's more enjoyable, you're more a part of nature," said Neville. 

Those from the area agree that motorcyclists ride their bikes because it brings enjoyment to them. Bryant Jazezewski from Wausau remarked that there is a certain kind of person who likes motorcycle events. "People that are maybe bored with the day-to-day life and you know they need a little excitement, a little escape. You know, that's what it is for me," said Jazezewski. 

Since last year's event was cancelled due to COVID, it makes this year all the more fun. "People are just happy. I think you know COVID is kind of in the rearview, for now anyway, and you know people are out here. They're excited and just happy to be back to normal stuff like this," Jazezewski said. 
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