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Eagle River's 70 West Body Shop moves old building to prepare for expansion

Story By Kyle Pozorski
Local News Published 09/17/2021 5:43PM, Last Updated 09/17/2021 7:03PM
Eagle River - Business is booming for 70 West Body Shop in Eagle River. The owners are excited to be able to expand, but that means that one building on their property has to go. 

Original owner Conrad Durski has some reflecting to do as he moves toward retirement, handing off the business to his son Chris Durski. "I think if I get out of sight a little bit and think about it, I probably would [get emotional]," said Conrad Durski. 

Emotions are high for Conrad, but he is also optimistic for the future of the business. "Well, it looks like we're growing and our reputation around town is growing as far as quality repair shop," he said. 

Conrad started the business two decades ago, in 70 West's small two-stall garage. The front building once stood alone, but over the years two more buildings have been constructed on the property.  

"Through the years we have expanded more and more. I mean, we hired a guy and then we had to finish the middle building, and then we had to finish the back building, and now we're having to do this with me and my wife expanding," Chris Durski said.

Chris and his wife Melissa are looking to expand as co-owners of 70 West. But with expansion coming, the original building needs to move. Soon it will be picked up and taken about one mile down the road to a family friend's property for use as a garage.

"On the 21st and 22nd, they'll be starting to lift it up. Then on the early morning of the 23rd, they'll take off down the road when there's nobody around," Chris said. He says that moving the building will cost about $8,000, which he says is cheaper than building a brand-new building. 

Once the building is gone, the Durskis plan to build a very special building to be put in the place of the old one, which will build on Conrad's legacy.

"He started it 20 years ago, he trained me through the years, [and] he's leaving now. He's retiring and it's sentimental," Chris said.

Conrad has only good wishes for the future of the business he and his family created. "Happy everything is coming to a close and they can get on to their new life with a new business," Conrad said.

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