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Local butchers see meat prices rise by 50 percent

Story By Georgina Fernandez
Local News Published 09/14/2021 5:57PM, Last Updated 09/14/2021 6:25PM
Northwoods - Butchers around the northcentral region of the state say they are seeing high prices for meats that they have never seen before.
"Double the price. From pork to beef, it's going higher and higher," said Jesus Sanchez, the manager of Lake Tomahawk's Meat Market. "The prices are going up and we are barely making any money."

The price increases leave small butcher shops struggling to meet demand. They say it's a trend they have now been experiencing for the last five months.

"Since COVID-19 went away, prices have been just going up higher and higher," Sanchez said. "Farmers aren't making much money. Nobody is making much money and the demand is just high right now."

It's a similar situation over at Townline Market in Wausau.
"I have never seen anything like it. It's just holding right there," said David Jagler, the owner of TownLone Market.
Jagler says his meat prices have doubled over the last four months. He says he is never sure how much he is going to be paying for a shipment until he sees the receipt during delivery.
"I can't quote even two weeks out because I have no idea what's going to happen," Jagler said.
Townline Market says their distributors are telling them that the increase in meat prices can be attributed to the labor shortage across the U.S. They are struggling to find employees to fill vacant positions.
"From what my distributors say, it's a lack of manpower," Jagler said.

Those rising prices leave butchers, like Sanchez, worried about how they can keep finding affordable meat.
"It's really hard to find. We are afraid it's going to keep going up and up," Sanchez said. "Prices are going crazy and the demand is high."
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