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Photo by Wausau Firefighters Community Assistance Foundation

Wausau Fire Department gives teen boy new bike after accident

Story By Georgina Fernandez
Local News Published 08/26/2021 5:46PM, Last Updated 08/26/2021 7:29PM
Wausau - On Wednesday, the Wausau Fire Department surprised a teenage boy with a new bike. According to the Fire Department, their team responded to a call on Tuesday after a teenage boy was hit by a car while riding his bike.
"Luckily he didn't have any injuries, but his bike was smashed up pretty bad and not usable," Corey Parsch, a firefighter and paramedic for Wausau Fire Department, said.
Through the Wausau Fire Department Assistance Foundation, the crew submitted a request to buy the teen a new bike. In 24 hours, he was back on his bike--working and riding.
"I said, 'Hey, man, we got a surprise for you.' And we pulled the bike out of the ambulance and he was actually speechless," Parsch said. "He was pretty stoked. He even said it was an update from his old bike."

According to the Fire Department, the teen has his own paper route and lawncare business, in which he uses his bike to work.
"It sounds like he uses his bike every day to make money and help his family and do what he needs to do," Parsch said.
In the past, the department has made countless other donations, including donating diapers to families and also sending them on vacation.
"There's so much more you can do. In our case, we are in these peoples' homes and we see much more that others don't," Parsch said. "It gives them things they need or sets them up with things they need in a way that can really benefit them in ways people don't see," Parsch said.
In the future, the department hopes to also be able to set up a scholarship foundation through the program.

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