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Photo by Kyle Pozorski

Walleye Regulations Extended

Story By Kyle Pozorski
Local News Published 06/24/2021 5:56PM
Minocqua - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Board voted to extend the walleye harvest ban on the Minocqua chain of lakes on Wednesday. This comes after years of rehabilitation the state DNR has been conducting on the chain. However even with the ban on Walleyes, there is a wealth of other fish to be had, as one local business owner said, "it's a good fishing chain, there's no doubt about it, there's a lot of fish in there." Jeff Bolander of Dewey Catchem and How in Minocqua says that one of the strategies he has is telling fishermen that there is an abundance of different species of fish besides Walleye to catch on the chain.

"Well it's a great pan fish, great crappies, I mean, people love crappies, it's a fantastic crappie operation lots of muskie, lots of northern, there's a lot of fish out there, you don't have to catch just walleyes."

Which is why when Bolander guides anglers, the ban on walleye harvest is not given much thought and encourages bass fishing. He continued, "one of the things that is not advertise very much about the chain is you can keep five bass any size, per day. And so, one of the reasons we go out there, we catch five bass per person in a boat, 11, 12, 13 inches, that's good table fair, that's really good table fair and that's really underutilized."

And even with the pandemic, he noticed business at his shop went up last year and has continued through this year.

"Well there wasn't a lot else to do, and so you know a lot more people were fishing, and actually we are doing better this year than last year because I think a lot of people got into fishing who didn't normally get into fishing and they found they liked it and so they're still fishing" said Bolander.

He emphasized that there are 3,000 lakes in Oneida and Vilas counties which have plenty of fish for catching and other fun recreational activities. It should also be noted that the ban is extended through 2025, however you can still catch walleye on any lakes not in the Minocqua chain. 
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