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Photo by Kyle Pozorski

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Grand Opening

Story By Kyle Pozorski
Local News Published 06/20/2021 2:37PM
Rhinelander - Over the winter, the Rhinelander Habitat for Humanity moved locations to a new spot in town. After two months of a soft open, Saturday marked they're celebration of the restore grand opening.

Executive Director of the Northwoods Habitat for Humanity Dave Havel said, "we wanted to start on the first part of April, so everything came together really well."

Restore Manager, Dennis Shimeck says now, their mission can continue. "People can donate their gently used furniture, major appliances, building materials, things like that to us, and in turn what we'll do is we will turn those around and sell them to other members of the public who are looking for those items." Shimeck continued, "that money and that revenue that we generate here goes towards helping build houses in Vilas and Oneida county."

Havel says it took more than just a few helping hands, but a team to turn the store into what it is today, "We had a lot of things to move from our previous location and we got a lot of help from the community which was awesome, different groups helped us move."

With every thing settled, the Restore plans to hit the ground running, continuing to raise funds in order to build houses for families in need, all with support from the community.
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