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Photo by Kyle Pozorski

InSayner Mountain Bike Race

Story By Kyle Pozorski
Local News Published 06/13/2021 1:08PM
Sayner - Summer time in the Northwoods brings together people from all over and especially with the warm weather this weekend, one local mountain bike group held a race in Sayner as part of a fundraiser to create more bike trails.

'A twenty-three-mile bike race through the Northwoods? You'd have to be inane!' InSayner bike race organizers say that is exactly where the name of their new event came from.

"Going out there in these conditions and in the mud, especially after all the rain we had is insane. And we checked with the town to make sure if they were OK with the name and its ideal because it was written and uses the town name, it promotes the town. And that was a big deal for us" said Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization President Sylvia Knust.

The race was created by the LAMBOs, as they call themselves, who want to create more mountain biking trails in the area.

InSayner Race Co-Director Mike Olkowski said, "Its our goal to build a new trail system on the musky mountain ski hill just west of Sayner. The impetus for this race is this is our kickoff for fund raising for that goal, were hoping that this will start the fund drive to get people to help us get that built."

The Lambos are also taking an active roll in making sure that riders stay safe on the trails, creating the first mountain bike patrol in the state. Sylvia Knust went on to say, "literally a couple of months ago that we got the training in... we want to promote mountain biking and we want to make it as safe and fun for everybody as possible."

The club estimates the new trail projects will be completed in 3 years at a cost of upwards of 300 thousand dollars, not only expanding the ride but also the fun.
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