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Masks are a dresscode
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Tomahawk mask policy debate

Story By Andrew Kieckhefer
Local News Published 05/06/2021 1:07PM, Last Updated 05/06/2021 1:09PM
Tomahawk -
Tomahawk School District staff members heard talks of a student organized protest over the district's mask policy.

"Students and staff are required to wear them during the course of the school day," Terry Reynolds, District Administrator of the Tomahawk School District, said.

A group of students believe that the school policy should include the option to wear a mask or to not. Reynolds explains that the staff wanted to create a space where the students could be heard and share their opinions and concerns. However, some students didn't see this meeting as productive.

"The whole point of the meeting was so we could show our input and our opinions and they completely threw that away and made us put masks on right after the meeting," John Hawley, student of the Tomahawk School District, said.

Students left the meeting and proceeded to protest with a walk out. Accompanied by parents, the protesters held up signs just outside of school property to voice their concerns.

"We are protesting the option to wear masks. We are not against people wearing masks, we just want to be able to have the choice," Faith Meyers, student of the Tomahawk School District, said.

"We follow the CDC and DHS and local health departments' recommendations and they have indicated that [masks] provide the best opportunity to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our building," Reynolds said.

Staff believe they are acting in the best interest for both student and staff member safety.

With just a few weeks left in the school year, the school district will revisit their mask policy over the summer as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.
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