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El Jovenaso 2 prepares for Cinco de Mayo festivities

Story By Meghan Mamlock
Local News Published 05/04/2021 5:40PM, Last Updated 05/04/2021 8:26PM
Tomahawk - Owner Ignacio Fuentes "Nacho" of El Jovenaso 2 in Tomahawk is gearing up for Cinco de Mayo with fun festivities and dishes in mind.

"The street tacos are really good. You know we got a lot of meat that comes with it," said Fuentes. "It can be cow tongue it can be chorizo pastor, lingua you name it we can make it in a street taco with cilantro and onion and hot sauce and lime."

Cinco de Mayo is one of the biggest days for Mexican restaurants.

"It's going to be way different because they're coming in and they staying here to celebrate," said Fuentes.

A change to make the big day even bigger this year.

"Last year was only in and out in and out. So its going to be way different hopefully the weathers good so we can use the patios," said Fuentes.

The restaurant has some fun giveaways, attractions, and specials to draw in-house customers.

"We have good food, a lot of drinks margaritas and stuff. We also bring in a donkey to dress as a Mexican donkey so anyone can take a picture from 4 to 6 o'clock," said Fuentes.

Supplying good times got harder with the pandemic.

"It is getting tougher every day like meat prices, chicken, oil," said Fuentes. "Anything fry oil is going up the roof so if they can come more often that would be appreciate you know because its even tougher right now."

But they're certain tomorrow won't be missing any ingredients for fun.

"Happy Cinco de Mayo and come see us. We'll be happy to serve you," said Fuentes.
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