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Crescent Lake Bible Camp had good 2020 despite pandemic

Story By Morgan Johnson
Local News Published 04/06/2021 4:29PM, Last Updated 04/06/2021 7:22PM
Rhinelander - Crescent Lake Bible Camp has been in Rhinelander for 90 years, but it's never been as quiet as it is right now.

That's meant more time at the keyboard for Hannah Burkhart, the camp's Outdoor Education Director.

"It was very quiet unlike other years but we're excited to hopefully have all of our schools back this next year," said Burkhart.

The camp holds programs for kids year-round with activities ranging from water skiing to rock climbing, to a week in the wilderness.

But when COVID-19 hit, kids stayed home and most of the camp's staff spent time inside, not outside.

It gave a lot of time to Hannah and other staff members to reflect.

"It had challenges but I think we're adaptable," said Jeremiah Cattanach, the Summer Program Director. "That's one of our big values at camp, is being flexible and being adaptable. And that really helped us when the pandemic came around we were able to adapt."

They were quick to adjust and the camp never had a single case of the virus.

The camp also didn't see a financial impact from the pandemic, and the executive director credits that to teamwork.

"When we found out that the schools we're going to be closing, my staff pulled together and right away we were like 'we can either decide to sit this out or we can decide that we're going to jump in,'" said Maria Rudesill, the camp's Executive Director. "And it was unanimous. It was an immediate decision that we were going to jump into this."

Right away the camp started their day camp and finished an entire summer's worth of it between March and May.

They were still able to offer classes throughout the summer and even a homeschool program.

Even after a weird year, Hannah came back to what she loves most about her job.

"I love working with kids, I love watching the light in their eyes brighten up when they really grasp something or they try something new," said Burkhart. "Just seeing those moments in the kids or even when they're just connecting with one another is definitely my favorite part of what I do."
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