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Story By Walter Terry
WJFW Information Published 03/31/2021 2:37PM, Last Updated 04/01/2021 8:01AM
To get the full WJFW broadcast experience through your antenna, rescan now! You'll enjoy your regular NBC programming on channel 12.1, "All-time Great TV" on Cozi TV channel 12.2, "TV How it was Meant to Be" on Antenna TV channel 12.3, and the new addition of HSN and QVC on channels 12.4 and 12.5 respectively. Viewers in the Wausau Area will now have these channels on the 12 subset instead of the 27 subset. Generally scanning for channels is an automated process that can be done in a few simple steps. The following steps should help you with your rescan. Some of the terms and steps may look a little different on your TV as terms and steps vary by brand. Rescanning for channels is mostly an automated process and while these terms are different for each TV, the process is pretty similar on every TV out there.

1 - Make sure your TV is connected to an antenna.

2 - Press the "Menu" button on your remote control. If you've misplaced your remote control check the buttons on the side of the TV, most have this button available.

3 - Find and select the "Auto Program or Channel Scan" option in your TV's menu. This option may be titled something else such as "Rescan," "Tune," or "Auto-tune."

4 - If you are unable to locate "Auto Program or Channel Scan" option, dig through the TV's "Settings," "Tools," "Channels," or "Options" menu. On some TVs, you have to press the "Input" button and go to "Antenna."

5 - Once your TV begins the scan it may take up to 10 minutes to scan all channels.
6 - When completed the TV will either display how many channels are available or go directly to live TV.

If you are unable to locate the "Auto Program or Channel Scan" option consult your manual. These can generally be found on the web if you no longer have the hardcopy. Happy viewing!
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