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Cowboy hats and country music; how the Chequamegon volleyball team is pushing through the alternate fall season

Story By Nathan Meihak
Local Sports Published 03/18/2021 9:08PM, Last Updated 03/18/2021 10:37PM
Park Falls - Most people don't associate the spring time with high school volleyball, but that's the case for Chequamegon this year. The Screaming Eagles are participating in the alternate fall season due to COVID-19. The team had a lot of girls join the squad, normally a great problem to have, but that's provided a certain challenge when it comes to keeping them all safe.

"We are very fortunate to have 30 plus girls that come out every year, but this year having that amount of numbers has been a struggle in the sense that we can't have all of them in the gym at the same time," said Head Coach Samantha Tank. "So, that's been our biggest downfall is trying to get our girls as much playing time as possible."

In meantime the team practices in groups to ensure social distancing.

With a lot of games to play in a short amount of time, the girls found a way to make things fun. It includes a certain piece of country attire.

"There's this one girl on our team, she always wore a cowboy hat to practice," explained Senior Leah Wagner. "We always touched it for good luck at our games. We do it every game, we line up to flick her hat and it works!"

"I actually helped order them," said Hailey Minnema. "It was on a bus ride home, a few of us were just sitting and talking on the ride home and we were like, 'You know what? We should just get the team cowboy hats! We can all match and it'll be our team thing!'"

The volleyball team is joined by the football team in the alternate fall season. 
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