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Oneida County Sherriff's Office warns residents about scammers

Story By Meghan Mamlock
Local News Published 03/03/2021 5:50PM
Rhinelander - The Oneida County Sheriff's Department wants the public to know they will never call or send mail, to solicit donations. And if they were to it would be in person.  

Elisha Williams, Patrol Sergeant, at the Oneida County Sheriff's Department has some tips, to help you stay safe.

"In the last roughly 30 days or a little over a month here just in Oneida County we had 38 scam calls along with 11 fraud calls and that's not any of the calls that are actually coded as thefts," said Williams.

Law enforcement warn that the scam calls could show up with a similar area code,  a 1-800 number, or have no caller ID..

And they say the best way to avoid these scam calls is to block them.

"These organizations are using web resources to generate new numbers to contact people with so the no call list is not effective either and blocking calls prevents that specific number from calling you again," said Williams.

Officers say many scammers target the elderly claiming one of their family members is in jail and needs bond money but they remind people the Oneida County Sheriff's Department will never call you about bond money, the person incarcerated will call you themselves.

"A lot of times the elderly are looked at for donations when it comes to civic agencies, police benevolent funds those kinds of things," said Williams.

And, in the age of the internet, not all scams are over the phone.

"Most recently we've had scams regarding Facebook, people who are sending money to people on the market place or over Facebook messenger using Facebook money. Who are sending money for goods and services and not receiving the goods in the mail," said Williams.

If you come into contact with a scammer or feel you have been scammed they recommended you call the Oneida County Sheriff's Department or your local law enforcement, to report it. 
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