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Rhinelander, Wausau, Stevens Point mayors discuss shared goals

Story By Dan Hagen
Local News Published 02/26/2021 6:17PM, Last Updated 02/26/2021 6:25PM
Rhinelander - The more voices, the louder the message - that's the philosophy of three local mayors.

Rhinelander mayor Chris Frederickson hosted Stevens Point mayor Mike Wiza and Wausau mayor Katie Rosenberg at C-T's Deli Friday. They talked about a range of issues facing their communities and how they can work together to solve them.

"We're here today to gather our voices as one and then understand what our position is on certain things," said Frederickson. "And then looking at the budget that's coming out of the Governor's office and how we can use it and how we can be advantageous as an area."

"We talked a lot about the issues that we have with our constituents that are shared," said Rosenberg. "We're all along the Wisconsin river. We care about PFAS. We care about how the environmental issues are affecting all of us. And of course we're all cities - we care about the revenues we're getting, or not getting as the case is sometimes."

"Collectively, putting our voices together, we have a stronger voice," said Wiza. "And that's what we're trying to do with the Governor's budget, meeting on it, talking about issues that we feel are most critical, to figure out where we want to stake our flags. And if there's one thing I'd want to stress to our state legislature is local municipalities know what they need in their cities. Get out of our way and let us do our job."
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