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UW Health experts offer strategies on how to manage psychological well being after contracting COVID-19

Story By Sierra Whaley
Local News Published 02/25/2021 6:25PM
Rhinelander - COVID-19 affects every person differently. However UW Health has discovered more individuals who've contracted the virus have developed mental health issues.

Distinguished Health Psychologist at UW Health, Shilagh Mirgain, says affects such as fatigue and foggy brain can cause anxiety or depression. The uncertainty of what could happen next increases worry.

"Developing the tolerance for uncertainty is a really key skill to be working on," says Mirgain. "For those people who've contracted the virus, it can be a lot of anxiety and depression about what's to come."

Shelby from Cornerstone Psychological Associates encourages anyone who feels they're developing mental health issues to start different routines and exercise the brain.

"Developing a tolerance of uncertainty takes practice," says Shelby. "Listen to yourself before you run to facebook, or instagram, listen to what's really going on inside."

Self awareness can be very painful to confront for some, which is why finding ways to uplift ourselves can be harder.

One major symptom of COVID-19 is fatigue and this is also a key lingering symptom. Due to this, experts warn others to watch where they spend their energy because stressing about the unknown can be exhausting.

"You can do some therapeutic journaling and jotting down some of your thoughts would be helpful," says Mirgain. "Grief over time, if we allow it, will move through us and it will shift into new energy."

If you ever need assistance it's encouraged to seek professional care by talking with your physician about your experience and setting up an appointment with a behavioral health specialist. 
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