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Wisconsin girl creates video game to teach Ojibwe culture

Story By Morgan Johnson
Local News Published 02/17/2021 3:38PM, Last Updated 02/17/2021 8:20PM
Ashland, WI - Eleanore Falck learned math, science, and the usual in the Ashland School District where she grew up.

But there's one topic she feels wasn't covered enough.

"Going through the school system in Ashland where there is a tribal reservation right next door, a lot of people didn't really understand what treaty rights are and they're just unaware and the school I felt didn't do a very good job of covering it thoroughly," said Falck.

She later interned with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission and had an opportunity to increase awareness for Ojibwe culture.

"To make something for kids that's educational that we can connect with them," said Falck.

Eleanore created an online video game called "Growing Up Ojibwe" which brings the player through a tour of an indian reservation.

At the same time the player learns about treaty rights, tribal sovereignty, and can harvest maple sap and wild rice, and go spear fishing.

But everything taught in the game is just the tip of the iceberg.

"It's really just an introduction into these topics and I just really feel like there's a lot of content that people in general just have no clue about," said Falck.

In total Eleanore says she's worked on the game for 800 hours during her internship.

Although this is Eleanore's first game creation, she's no newbie to the subject, since she's a game design major in college.

Eleanore hopes that for people who are new to the subject of Native American culture can take something new with them after playing the game.

"This just kind of helps bring people together and makes them understand each other more and that can make the world a more peaceful place," said Falck.
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