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CT's Deli selling floor tiles

Story By Cooper Henckel
Local News Published 01/22/2021 6:01PM, Last Updated 01/22/2021 6:06PM
Rhinelander - CT's Deli in Rhinelander expanded recently.

"We're almost a year into it now and we have one section that isn't quite done and that's our back hallway," says Chef and Co-owner Dustin Chronister.

The crew at CT's got creative and found a solution that let them kill two birds with one tile.

"They're always bugging us "Hey when are we gonna get our own spot at the bar? Let's get our own name on the bar? Something something something," says Chronister. "So this was kind of our way to have our customers have a little piece of the deli."

CT's Hall of Fame will be a tiled mosaic dedicated to their customers.

"We got three different tile sizes, small, medium, and large, and we've also got a mural section so you can paint your own mural as well," says Chronister.

Chronister says the expansion reflects the community's involvement with the deli over the past 6 years.

"The fab lab here at the high school has been gracious enough to help with all the etching on the tiles," says Chronister. "I'll tell ya what, this has been a group project all around and we're glad for the help."

The smallest tiles start at $50 dollars.

"All the purchase information and details are on there," says Chronister of the sign up forms. "Just fill one of those out or call one of the ladies here at the front of house, here at CT's deli and let 'em know you want a tile, what size you're thinking about."
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