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Encouraging Teen Reading

Rhinelander District Library adds teen subscription box program

Story By Georgina Fernandez
Local News Published 01/21/2021 4:54PM
Rhinelander - The Rhinelander District Library is adding a new addition to their young adult's program, a teen subscription box program. The program is aimed to encourage reading in teens. 

"I lived out in the county, so I didn't really go to friends' house, so I always read," Elisah Sheffer, the teen specialist at Rhinelander District Library, said.

Sheffer discovered her love for books as a teenager.

"Growing up I didn't know what to do," Sheffer said. "I just knew I wanted books."

She created the "Teen Subscription Boxes" program in hopes everyone can catch the reading bug. Each month teens will receive a box filled with goodies and a checked-out library book. They can go online to the Library website and click the tab "Young Adults" to access a google doc link form. Where they can fill out their information to be part of the program. The library program asks if teens are using an adult card to specify their age on the form so they are giving a book that is appropriate for their age group. Readers need to re-subscribe each month to participate. And will have around three weeks to return the book.

In just a week they have already received 23 subscriptions, most readers around 16 and 17 years old.

"A lot of people, when they get into these teen years, you're not reading the fun children book and you are reading more what you have to read for school," Sheffer said. "Which is great, but it's not interesting for everyone."

Unlike most book subscription boxes, Sheffer individually picks out a specialized book for each teen.

"I picked up a book that's just right for them that's why they don't waste their time with a book they have zero interest in," Sheffer said.

She also leaves a personalize note behind

"Explaining why I picked the book that I did," Sheffer said. "It also has other recommendations so that if they read the book or they aren't really feeling it, they have other recommendations to check out."

Her goal, planting a seed of a love for reading, that can grow a lifetime. 

"I noticed if you read during your teen years that's when you fall in love," Sheffer said. "It's a great age to really seal in the lifelong readers."  
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