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White Bison Farm in Laona saw benefits in 2020

Story By Morgan Johnson
Local News Published 01/21/2021 4:20PM, Last Updated 01/21/2021 8:50PM
Laona, WI - Bison are not a common animal you see in Northern Wisconsin.

But at White Bison Farm in Laona, it's nothing new.

"Sometimes they're a lot bigger than people anticipated and sometimes they don't realize that they're shorter than they anticipated," said Jodi Cronauer, co-owner of the farm.

Jodi Cronauer and her husband purchased bison 17 years ago when they lived in Pennsylvania.

"We moved onto a farm simply because I had horses and we needed a place to raise horses," said Jodi. "And his response was if we have a farm we should raise something that we can eat. And cows were just so normal. And we're kind of unique people."

After they settled in on the farm they thought another addition would be nice.

"We got into bison because my husband wanted something that was unique, but that was still able to be a livestock and that could feed our family," said Jodi.

In 2014 they took their bison to Wisconsin along with horses, pigs, and chickens.

The Cronauer's have one bison that is going to be 24 this year.

Last year, when many industries struggled with the effects of the pandemic, Cronauer actually said it benefited them.

"The demand for people to buy local, to buy local meats and produce is absolutely amazing," said Jodi. "Everything we had that we thought we had excess of, we probably could have had three times the amount of bison and sold them."

With a positive 2020 behind them, the Cronauer's are excited for the future and wouldn't rather be raising anything else.

"They're also, in my mind, very very easy to raise," said Jodi. "They're extremely hearty, they rarely get sick, you never have to help them give birth."

And not once did the Cronauer's think twice about it.

"That is what we decided to do," said Jodi. "And never regretted it for a second."
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