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Common Thanksgiving Food Can Make Your Pet Sick

Story By Georgina Fernandez
Local News Published 11/26/2020 4:53PM
Northwoods - Feeding animals human food is something many people have most likely done with their pets.
"We like to share our Thanksgiving dinner with our pets," Heide Skarda, a Veterinarian Assistant at Eagle River Animal Hospital said. "It's usually gravy, dressing, and mashed potatoes. All of those things contain a high amount of fat and sodium."
When pets eat these types of foods, it can lead them to have an upset stomach, diarrhea, and pancreatitis. Which Skarda says is one of the biggest things they see.
"We see it a lot with dogs, the day after Thanksgiving because a lot of us like to put the gravy over the top of their kibble," Skarda said. "That is why we see them because it contains such high fat and sodium."
But people shouldn't just be cautious about what they feed their pets, Skarda says, but they should take precautions during and after food prep.
"As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is done, you need to put that trash outside," Skarda said. "It's going to be something that's going to be very motivating for them to get into because they are going to be smelling those smells.
Trash cans can hold toxic food prep leftovers that were used to cook Thanksgiving dishes. Such as onions and garlic.
"Which are extremely toxic to dogs," Skarda said.
There are some foods though, that dogs can eat. Skarda says it's okay to feed them three to four ounces of white turkey meat, as long as the skin is cut off. That's way there is no seasoning on it and it's plain. Also, she says, you can give them a few tablespoons of pumpkin pie filler on top of their dog food. But while these foods are okay to eat, owners should understand their dog's relationship with human food.
"If you know that your animal gets upset stomachs and you know that even the change in food, you probably want to stay away from any of the thanksgiving dinners," Skarda said.
If pets digest any hazardous foods she says owners should contact their local veterinarian immediately.

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