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Trailmates helps prepare for the snowmobile season

Story By Nathan Meihak
Local Sports Published 10/28/2020 9:47PM, Last Updated 10/28/2020 10:42PM
Wausau - Much like a sports team snowmobilers need to prep for the season.

"It all starts in the beginning of October," said Trailmates Snowmobiling Club President, Randy Thurs. "Our club starts contacting landowners. Then we go out, probably the next three weekends, and we'll be marking snowmobile trails."

Before riders can hit the gas, club workers hit the trails.

"We groom over 80 miles of snowmobile trails in Marathon County," said Thurs. "In our case, we have over 240 different landowners on our 80 miles of trails, so it's a big undertaking for a snowmobile club."

The club does more than just groom the trails for people to ride on. They also take old signs that are bent or damanged and fix them up to get them ready for the upcoming year.

"Every year we get damaged posts," said Thurs. "Either a groomer operator runs one over, or a snowmobiler runs one over, or cattle runs them over. This is more of a straightening out, and making sure they're all up to date."

It may sound simple, but the club has to prepare new signs on a large scale.

"We've got probably about 100 signs a year that we have to replace," said Thurs.

It's a lot of work and Randy encourages riders to consider giving back in the future.

"Join a club, I don't care what club you belong to," said Thurs. "But, join a club. If clubs ever go away, snowmobiling will go away."
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