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Adapting during Pandemic

Improvements For Florence Schools Due To 3D Printing

Story By Griffin Stroin
Local News Published 10/28/2020 5:43PM, Last Updated 10/28/2020 6:21PM
Florence - Florence High School is creating various items through 3D printing to help the community during the pandemic.

"I had a vision in my mind, Paull Dunn, maintenance worker at Florence High School said. "I asked her how hard it would be to design something and within 5 minutes she had it up on the computer and ready to be printed."

The creation Dunn is talking about is a plexiglass holder. An issue that was plaguing the school for some time beforehand.

"It was bowing, it was falling over, we would try taping it to the desk and it would pull out after a couple of days," Dunn said.

But now that problem is a thing of the past.

"It's sturdy, it is stable and if a room gets rearranged all you have to do is pick up and move them," Dunn said. "We have not had one issue with these."

And people are starting to notice all of their hard work.

"Great sense of pride for not only the students but the staff that is utilizing it during these times," Ben Niehaus, District Administrator said.

They did not stop with the plexiglass holder, they moved onto even bigger projects.

"We actually had a staff member who created a piece with Dickinson County hospital services in Iron Mountain that helps convert they're machines into ventilators in emergency situations," Niehaus said.

A bright spot in times that have been tough for everybody.

"The ingenuity and everything that's transpiring during this, there's a silver lining in things and that's what we're finding," Niehaus said.  
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