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Cannabis dispensary opens in Iron Mountain, raising concerns for Wisconsin police chief

Story By Morgan Johnson
Local News Published 10/16/2020 7:44PM, Last Updated 10/16/2020 8:05PM
Iron Mountain, MI - Friday cars lined up for the grand opening of Rize U.P.: the first cannabis store in Iron Mountain, Michigan. General manager Alex Manuli said it's the only one within 70 miles.

"We started Rize U.P. to serve the people of Iron Mountain and the fellow yoopers," Manuli said.

They offer both medical and recreational products ranging from flour all the way to edibles.

Iron Mountain is on the border of Michigan, where marijuana is legal. However it's not legal in the bordering state Wisconsin. The bridge connecting the two states goes right to Niagara, WI which is where Police Chief Angela Moreau sees the effects of drug use.

Moreau isn't too thrilled about the new dispensary. "It has always been here but I do think that since it has been legalized in Michigan we do run across it more," Moreau said.

She is mostly hoping the substance doesn't get into any kids' hands. "My main concern is that we keep it out of the hands of children and also that people don't drive impaired," Moreau said.

Chief Moreau has seen more marijuana lately, and with a new store opening five miles away, there will be more to come.

"I think we tend to have people that will travel over here and have it in their vehicle or take it to private residences, and we'll come across it more and more often," Moreau said.

Back across the bridge, and a few miles down Highway 2, Rize U.P. understands its precarious position on the border.

"If someone is coming from Wisconsin to shop here you cannot go back into Wisconsin with our product," Manuli said. "You cannot cross any state lines with Michigan cannabis products."

Alex Morelli and a dozen other employees are excited for the opportunity to be there for Yoopers.

"We are just super excited to have the opportunity to be here in Iron Mountain," Manuli said. "We hope to provide the best service and the best products to Yoopers and people who are traveling to visit us as well."

Rize U.P. is currently just curbside order and pickup, but they hope to open up for in-store purchases soon. You can access their Facebook pageĀ HERE.
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