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Frederick Place holds annual Soup for Shelter "COVID-style"

Story By Morgan Johnson
Local News Published 10/15/2020 6:17PM, Last Updated 10/16/2020 2:04PM
Rhinelander, WI - Anyone and everyone was welcomed to soup today in the former Casa Mexicana parking lot in Rhinelander.

"I am holding two of the three soups that we have for sale today for what we're calling 'Soup for Shelter COVID-style.'"

Those were the words of Tammy Modic, the Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing (NATH) executive director. NATH operates Frederick Place for people who need temporary housing.

Modic helped put bowls of soup into the hands of volunteers, who then brought the soup into the hands of community members trying to stay warm.

The event benefited NATH's day-to-day operations.

"Soup for Shelter here in Rhinelander started ten years ago before we even opened the doors of Frederick Place," Modic said.

Typically the group would gather for hands-on in-person fundraising events. This year, things haven't been easy as NATH had to cancel most of their events. But not Soup for Shelter.

They got some help from community partners. The Salvation Army brought the truck and Dinky Diner made the soup.

"We've probably had almost 20 cars come through," Modic said. "They're all getting multiple soups and we had somebody who taste tested already and has said it's been delicious."

The soup was free, but NATH needs the donations now more than ever.

"We have not been empty since we opened our doors and to keep the shelter open is important to us," Modic said.

And Frederick Place received support Thursday, all the while supporting others.

"Being able to get something that's in a sense homemade and not having to get it from a can is always good," Modic said. "We're all thinking about ways that we can support each other and soup certainly makes you feel good."

Modic reminds people that all their donations stay local.
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