Northern Waters Distillery now making sanitizerSubmitted: 04/08/2020
Devin Biggs
Devin Biggs
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Northern Waters Distillery now making sanitizer
MINOCQUA - Many business across Wisconsin and across the country have been forced to make some changes to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. One local distillery has decided to start also making hand sanitizer using an official FDA formula.

"We have a capability of making hand sanitizer because hand sanitizer is essentially based on high proof neutral alcohol," said Northern Waters Distillery Owner, Peter Nomm. "In the production of making vodka, [it] is basically the same thing that they already make."

Northern Waters Distillery has been making the hand sanitizer with products they have in house, but they're now looking for ways to make more of it.

"The first batch we made, we had made it from grain based products," said Nomm. "In order to try to make it more cost effective we bought 2500 pounds of sugar and fermented that."

The employees are thankful for the hard work of their owner.

"I'm very grateful to have a job to come to, and Pete's been fantastic through all of this," said Lead Distiller Brian Stough. "[He's] letting us know where we're gonna be going."

Northern Water's Distillery hopes to have more hand sanitizer available in the coming weeks by purchasing some from providers.

"We have at least two, 275 gallon touts of 190 proof alcohol on its way to us," said Nomm. "What we'll be able to do is blend it with the additives and makes hundreds of gallons of sanitizer in a day verses 50-55 gallons in a week."

Those that need hand sanitizer or other needs from Northern Water's Distillery are encouraged to contact them at (715) 358-0172. You can also visit their website.

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