Coaches stay connected to students at home through social mediaSubmitted: 03/23/2020
Story By Mazie Vincent

Coaches stay connected to students at home through social media
RHINELANDER - Athletes across country are trying to cope with sports being put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the future of spring sports up in the air, many high school coaches are trying to find ways to keep kids motivated and working out from home.

One Rhinelander coach is using social media to do that.

"Hey everybody Coach Kraemer setting up another week of in-season training for a lot of us."

This is the new normal for coaches across the country.

"We have an opportunity to better ourselves," Kraemer said.

Rhinelander track coach Aaron Kraemer is using Facebook to keep in touch with his athletes and students.

"I'm urging you to remember the things that we talk about all the time in our sports. That is to control what you can control and do the best you can with the opportunities that you have," Kraemer said.

Kraemer is challenging his athletes to try and do the exact workout they would do at school.

He's made spread sheets that outline workouts for each day. All exercises and workouts can be done from home or outside in their own neighborhoods. Sprints, weight training, stretches and of course good rest. 

"One thing we can control is, the way we workout and the things that we do," Kraemer said.

Most importantly, he hopes the kids take this time to learn about themselves.

"I urge you all to just take a chance to sit down, talk to your family, talk about what's important and talk about structuring the time to do certain things. Make it the best for finding what you are good at, what you can build and what you can do," Kraemer said.

Sports might be on hold for a while. But Coach Kraemer says he's using this platform to try and keep his kids on track and be a shining light in these trying times.

"You have an opportunity to be better and to get better and be the best possible person coming out of this. Don't wallow in self-pity or self-loathing. Don't wallow in what's been taken away from you, celebrate what's been given to you and the opportunities that we have," Kraemer said.

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MILWAUKEE -  Milwaukee's former police chief, who was demoted to captain in part for using tear gas against protesters demonstrating over George Floyd's death, has chosen to retire instead of staying with the department. 

The city's Fire and Police Commission voted unanimously last week to demote Chief Alfonso Morales.

 Commissioners criticized how Morales handled multiple incidents involving Black people, including the arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown. 

Speaking Wednesday on WTMJ-AM, Morales said he's retiring because if he returned as a captain it would be at a reduced salary and would negatively impact his pension payments. 

Morales also defended his record as chief. 

His attorney says he and Morales are exploring a range of legal action, including filing a claim for damages.

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Hodag Lanes Closing Submitted: 08/14/2020

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RHINELANDER - After over 50 years of staying open, Hodag Lanes in Rhinelander has officially closed its doors.

"I mean COVID has hit the bowling business really, really hard no matter where your bowling center is," said Sharon Cline, bowling manager at Hodag Lanes.

And with the construction on Stevens Street, the bowling alley was in a tough situation.

"The construction was also a big play for us because with all the construction out here it was tough for anybody to get through," Cline said.

A lot of memories were created in the bowling alley for various citizens in the city.

"I probably started bowling in the early '80s on the Wednesday night women's league," said Sherri Schilleman, Rhinelander resident. "We had the 9 o'clock slot I believe back then."

For her and many families in Rhinelander, bowling was very popular.

"Bowling is actually a big sport in Rhinelander," said Schilleman. "And I think in the last couple of years bowling was actually starting to make another comeback. So it's sad because people are gonna have to find something else to do."

But Cline is hoping that this won't be the end for Hodag Lanes.

"It is costly to have a bowling center but we're just hoping again that we can get up and running again," said Cline. 

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RHINELANDER - A lot of businesses have suffered because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rarely do we hear about a business that benefited from more people staying home.

But Hanson's Garden Village in Rhinelander actually saw an outstanding season.

Sandy Lang of Hanson's Garden Village said the rush for vegetable seeds started soon after the rush for T.P.

"It was like the floodgates opened. And it's just now slowing down and this is almost the middle of august. That's unprecedented," said Lang.

And it's more than just vegetables. Perennials, annuals, and biennials have all sold well, even after a strange start.

"We didn't think we were going to be able to have the public on property this year," Lang said.

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WAUSAU - The 4th Annual Grand Prix of Wisconsin Powerboat Nationals race weekend event that was scheduled for August 29th - 30th at Bluegill Bay Park in Rib Mountain has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

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MADISON - Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said Thursday that he expects President Donald Trump and his entourage to wear masks indoors and social distance when Trump visits Oshkosh for a rally next week.

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- The Rhinelander school district announced today a blended reopening plan for the 2020-21 academic year. The blended option will include high school and middle school students attending in-person classes twice a week, with the remainder of the week being online. Meanwhile, K-5th will have a four day school week, with Wednesdays off for a school-wide cleaning. Despite the district's decision to offer partly online classes, not all parents are ready for their students to return back to the school hallways.

"We have to put health in front of money. we have to put health in front of other important things to make sure everybody is okay to continue to enjoy the things we like so much. and if this is just one way we can keep her safe and the family safe,..again we just decided as a family that's the best route for us," Rhinelander parent, Kate Bauman said.

For parents wanting an alternative option, they can sign up for the districts online option by tomorrow night, August 9th, 2020. 

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WASHINGTON - The number of Americans applying for unemployment dropped below 1 million last week for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak took hold in the U.S. five months ago, but layoffs are still running extraordinarily high.

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