Lincoln County Board sends 2A Sanctuary resolution to subcomitteeSubmitted: 01/21/2020
Dan Hagen
Dan Hagen

Lincoln County Board sends 2A Sanctuary resolution to subcomittee
MERRILL - Second Amendment Sanctuary proposals are a growing trend in the Badger State. Last week, the Merrill Common Council decided to pass the pro-gun measure.

Tuesday night, the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors considered the proposal. The meeting kicked off with a public comment period. Five men spoke in support of the resolution, while five women spoke against it.

After, county supervisors discussed the measure. Many felt the resolution was brought up improperly, and should've been put through committee.

That's ultimately where it will be headed. A 13 to 9 vote sent the debate to the Administrative & Legislative, or A&L, committee.

Supervisor Calvin Callahan said this action will doom the resolution.

"The board tonight failed the citizens of Lincoln County," said Supervisor Callahan. "In the future, I see this resolution won't make it out of A&L and will die in that committee.

Callahan was the supervisor who put forth the resolution.

It is still possible the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution comes to a vote before the full board, but Callahan doubts it would pass. He said he would support a referendum vote, like what the town of St. Germain will do, to decide the matter.

Florence County and Merrill remain the only Second Amendment Sanctuaries in the state. On Wednesday evening, Brown County will consider the measure.

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