St. Germain Town Board to let a public vote help decide 2nd Amendment Sanctuary statusSubmitted: 01/13/2020
Dan Hagen
Dan Hagen

St. Germain Town Board to let a public vote help decide 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status
ST. GERMAIN - The St. Germain town board meeting Monday was packed with people. 

"Biggest crowd we've had in a long time," said Town Supervisor Brian Cooper.

Most people were there to debate the town's proposed resolution of becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Much of the discussion regarded the merits of the largely ceremonial resolution, but some people also questioned whether it's up to the board to decide in the first place.

Town Supervisor Brian Cooper, who put forth the resolution in a previous meeting, said the resolution would enable him to fulfill his constitutional duty.

"We all took an oath of office," said Cooper. "And that was to protect the constitution of the state and the country when we were sworn in. All five of us sitting here. So it's not above us."

Town Supervisor Ted Ritter said if the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution came to a vote, he would've voted against it. He told the room this reflects what his constituents told him before Monday night.

"There was one individual that supported this resolution and everyone else was vehemently opposed to it," said Ritter.

After discussion, Cooper made a motion to table the resolution indefinitely and "bring it back when we so choose."

The motion did not get a second and failed. Both Chairman Tom Christensen and Town Supervisor Tom Ritter expressed desire for a decision to be made, and to put a referendum vote on the April ballot regarding the town being Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Town Supervisor Tim Clark then made a motion to allow for the resolution, in principle, to be put on the April 7th ballot, and then bring the topic back up at the town board's regular meeting in May. Tom Ritter seconded the motion. All four supervisors and the Town Chairman voted in favor.

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