Tiffany promotes environmental record as timber industry organization endorses campaignSubmitted: 01/09/2020
Story By Stephen Goin

Tiffany promotes environmental record as timber industry organization endorses campaign
RHINELANDER - Sen. Tom Tiffany already boasts big name endorsements in his run for Congress in Wisconsin's 7th District (CD-7). Recently, a major timber industry organization announced their support for the Minocqua senator while he promoted and defended his environmental record. 

In 2019, former Gov. Scott Walker and former Rep. Sean Duffy declared their support for Tiffany. Tiffany is also backed by every sheriff in the 7th District. 

In an announcement Thursday, the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association joined Tiffany's list of supporters. According to Executive Director Henry Schienebeck, the Rhinelander-based organization has only backed four political candidates in the past 80 years.

"He has never backed down from making sure or industry is well represented," said Schienebeck.

Tiffany said the rare endorsement indicates his dedication to the environment.

"There is no industry that is more sustainable, there is no industry that understands renewing the environment more than the forest products industry."

During the announcement, Tiffany championed his work over the years promoting sustainable forestry in the Northwoods.

He also defended America's role in warming the climate, suggesting the blame should fall on other countries. Tiffany also expressed his doubts that global warming was created by human activity. 

"If there's going to be proposals put forth, China and South East Asia - China and India, have to be a part," said Tiffany. 

Locally, Tiffany said he wanted to help speed up the harvesting process for the countless trees that were blown down during July storms.

Tiffany's primary opponent, Jason Church, also gained an endorsement Thursday from Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Church has also been endorsed by Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa and Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

The Republican primary for the 7th District is February 18.

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RHINELANDER - For staff at Wild Instincts, treating diseases and parasites is part of the job.

"We know how these things spread and how it goes so it really isn't a big surprise for us seeing what happened," said wildlife rehabilitator Mark Naniot.

That's why staff are being extra careful when it comes to COVID-19.

"If we get sick and we aren't able to care for the animals it's going to make the problem even worse," said Naniot.

For the last couple weeks, the animal rehabilitation center has suspended all non-essential volunteers in an effort to keep its people and the animals safe.

"We are down to a skeleton staff at this point," said Naniot. "We had about 140 drivers and we cut them off also. We're not having them go out and interact. We do a few close rescues when we can [and] we still have about 50 animals here on site."

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RHINELANDER - With many people staying at home these days to slow the spread of Coronavirus, many are using their extra time to help those in need.

From making face masks, to art therapy, people in the Northwoods are doing their part.

Pearl Fessenden has remained busy during these crazy times by helping out in a state wide cause.

"For Wisconsin, we are called the "Wisconsin Face Mask Warriors." They have a Facebook page that is open and anyone can join," said Pearl Fessenden who's sewing together homemade face masks.

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MADISON - Wisconsin's economy will be harder hit by the coronavirus pandemic in areas where there is more tourism, a study by the Wisconsin Policy Forum released on Tuesday said.

The study found that counties that depend heavily on tourism face the greatest challenges due to the concentration of jobs related to hotels, restaurants, entertainment and recreation. The virus outbreak has forced closures of nonessential businesses across the state, including many that rely on tourists like water parks in Wisconsin Dells, professional and collegiate sporting events and historical sites throughout the state.

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MADISON - Wisconsin's governor said Wednesday that he will use National Guard soldiers to staff undermanned polling sites in next week's presidential primary.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joined others who have called for the state to postpone the election.

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RHINELANDER - The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic forced schools and colleges around the world to shut their doors.

It's been hard for most students. But seniors are especially concerned 

They worried they may miss out on important milestones. 

"When we are in school it's a whole lot easier to go down the hall, call a classroom to get a kid, talk to them in the hallways, go to the performances and games and all that to just be more present in their life," Tienhaara said.

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ANTIGO - For Tapped Maple Syrup co-owner Jeremy Solin, harvest season usually means enjoying the outdoors with his four employees, neighbors and family.

"Maple syrup is a big family and community time for us usually," said Solin. "We love to have people out in the woods with us, tapping trees and collecting sap and being part of the cooking process. We just can't do that this year and so its kind of a lonely maple syrup season.

But the growing fears of coronavirus shrunk the team down to just five - making his farm in Antigo eerily quiet.

"I think we'll be okay," said Solin. "It just means a lot more work for fewer people essentially to try and keep up and more stress in a sense during the process of the season."

It's more work for Solin, but still same volume of syrup.

Supply won't be the issue - Solin is concerned about the demand.

"We work with a lot of restaurants, bars, coffee shops who are obviously really struggling at this point," said Solin. "We're concerned about their survival as a small business and partner of ours and friends of ours so as we lose those businesses that's going to affect our business as well."

Coronavirus does not discriminate between essential and non-essential businesses.

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MARATHON COUNTY - In a press release, the Marathon County Public Health Department confirms that a fourth person tested positive for COVID-19.

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