DAY IN THE LIFE: Contract plow drivers work around the clock, clearing snow where cities don'tSubmitted: 12/02/2019
Story By Stephen Goin

DAY IN THE LIFE: Contract plow drivers work around the clock, clearing snow where cities don't
MERRILL - When more than 8 inches of snow fell overnight Saturday in the Merrill area, plow driver Jake Schlueter said his team woke up at 2 a.m.

"We do factories, we do convenience stores, gas stations, driveways, pretty much we do it all" said Schlueter. "Sidewalks, whatever."

Schlueter works for SGS Services, an environmental contracting company that plows and hauls snow in the winter.

While people rely on local agencies to clear snow off streets and highways, companies like SGS make sure parking lots and other privately owned land is cleared. 

Schlueter said plowing snow makes for good business if you can stand the redundant nature of the work.

"We like to call it pennies from heaven," said Schlueter referring to snow.

Schlueter said the job is more challenging than it looks.

"It takes some getting used to that's for sure," said Schlueter. "It's pretty tough working the long hours but when you're done you get this sense of accomplishment."

No matter the weather, Schlueter says you will always find him working.

"No, it aint ever that bad," said Schlueter. "We go out whenever."

Schlueter said people need to remember plows constantly move back and forth when pushing snow around.

Schlueter's advice: keep a good following distance when behind a plow and never park in a lot that hasn't been cleared or run the risk of getting snowed in.

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RHINELANDER - You may have heard that the Oneida County fair is canceled this year due to COVID-19.

Just recently fair organizers including Tom Barnett and Meg Sprecksel announced the fair will still happen--but virtually.

Fair treasurer Meg Sprecksel said the idea of having a virtual fair rather than not having a fair at all came as a surprise.

"After our decision to cancel the fair, we saw some other fairs going virtual, and it enticed us," she said.

The fair's Facebook page, Instagram, and website (ocfairwi.com) will encourage people of all ages to participate, even if it's not physically in-person.

While traditional fair games are primarily kid-friendly, Sprecksel said the virtual fair is different.

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MILWAUKEE - The ACLU of Wisconsin and All Voting is Local today released Ballots for All: Ensuring Eligible Wisconsin Voters in Jail Have Equal Access to the Ballot.

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PHELPS - The small town of Phelps celebrates the 4th of July in a big way every year. But due to the coronavirus, organizers like Amy Thomason had to get a bit creative this year.

"We felt it was really important to find a way to celebrate 4th of July even with all that's going on," said Thomason.

Rather than cancel its popular parade, the town decided to move it to the lake.

"A lot of our community organizations are decorating boats," said Thomason. "It's just a great way to celebrate the 4th of July and keep our social distance. We're all in our own boats."

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WISCONSIN - Coronavirus cases are on the rise globally as well -- further stressing the global supply chain for personal protective equipment. Newswatch 12 spoke with Senator Tammy Baldwin on Wednesday. She called the lack of federal response to COVID-19 inexcusable.

"I think about how different things would've been today if in the earliest days President Trump had used the something called the Defense Production Act," said Baldwin.

Senator Baldwin argues this would've made sure all the personal protection equipment we needed would have been produced. She says different hospitals and health care facilities have been competing over the same equipment.

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RHINELANDER - Strapping on a police vest comes naturally to Thomas Ginter.

"I believe everything I've done in my life up to this point - this is where I was meant to be," said Ginter.

He's one of 14 students in the Nicolet College's Police Academy this summer. Amid national civic unrest over policing, enrollment in the school's criminal justice program is higher than usual.

Today, aspiring officers practiced routine traffic stops, while instructors weave in what Academy Director Tim Gerdman calls cultural competence.

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- With 15 days remaining to file taxes, Department of Revenue Customer Service Centers in Appleton, Eau Claire and Wausau are now offering in-person appointments for customers who need them. 

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ABBOTSFORD - Marathon County Health Department, Clark County Health Department, and Family Health La Clinica will provide COVID-19 testing on Thursday, July 9 from 12 pm- 8 pm and Friday, July 10 from 7 am to 4 pm with the aid of the Wisconsin National Guard.

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