Competition teaches business skills to local studentsSubmitted: 11/18/2019
Maya Reese
Maya Reese

Competition teaches business skills to local students
RHINELANDER - There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world.

On Monday, Rhinelander High School students learned how they can join that ever-growing population. The Mini Business World hosted at the CAVOC center challenged Rhinelander high school students to be creative and innovative.

Isabella Anderson's group worked on a new technology that prevents identity fraud. "You have to think of a product that hasn't been invented and one that's going to be useful for the future," said Anderson.

She believes this program expanded her view of the work force. 

"People can decide what they want to be in life, like if they want to start their own business," said Anderson.

The event showed students and future entrepreneurs how to brainstorm ideas with people that they hadn't worked with before. Michelle Grajkowski has hosted nearly 30 Mini Business Worlds throughout Wisconsin. She says these events remind her how rewarding it is to positively impact young lives.

"I'm so proud of these students and I'm just so proud of what they learn," said Grajkowski. "The leadership skills that I see coming out of them at each and every Mini, and it just really fills my bucket to be able to go across the state and be able to work with such outstanding young students."

Grajkowski sees the importance of teaching these skills to the next generation of business men and women.

"Not only are the students learning about business and entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system," said Grajkowski. "But, they're also learning how to work together as a group."

Colton Leman's group brainstormed new locks that use facial recognition. He says he learned how he can start a company in Wisconsin and turn it into an international empire. 
"Then you can find what you really enjoy so you can spend your life doing what you love," said Leman.

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RHINELANDER - Wisconsin law states the windshield, side, and rear windows of a motor vehicle shall be kept reasonably clean at all times.

Sergeant Kurt Helke of Rhinelander PD said this is something he doesn't enforce aggressively, but he will pull someone over if he sees an imminent safety hazard.

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RHINELANDER - Zion Lutheran Church didn't hold a live nativity scene for roughly 30 years. Last year, the event returned. In its second year back, the number of people involved has grown.

"We have a message of timely importance that is important for all people," said Zion Lutheran Staff Minister John Kanter. "We want to share with our friends and neighbors in Rhinelander."

The nativity will be the same as last year with live participants, live animals and even a choir. There is a slight change to the event, but it's an addition.

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WAUSAU - Former republican congressman Sean Duffy stepped down in September, leaving an open seat in the house. Now, two republican 7th Congressional candidates are in the race to fill that seat. They took to the stage Thursday night for their first public debate in Wausau.

State senator Tom Tiffany and retired Army Captain Jason Church debated on a range of topics Thursday night, including abortion, economic development, and foreign affairs.

While they agree on a number of core issues, they had the chance to show their differences when it comes to policy. Church wasted no time to make his stance against abortion clear.

"We are simply subsidizing the killing of our own children," said Church. "Defunding planned parenthood would be one of my top priorities. That organization has done nothing but death."

While on the topic of economic growth and development, Tiffany denounced the ideas of presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

"I will work with president trump every day to drain the swamp and stop these socialist things happening in our federal government," said Tiffany.

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WAUSAU - What happened overnight in the basement of Denise Cherek's Wausau home led to an unfortunate wake up call.

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RHINELANDER - The Oneida County Health Department released the results of the Wisconsin Wins compliance checks.

The program sends minors accompanied by county health officials to purchase tobacco products.

Wisconsin law requires all retailers to check for I.D. if the customer appears to be under 40 years of age.

The Health Department and the Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition worked together to conduct the random checks.

This year's results showed 95% of retailers were in line with the law.

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GREEN BAY - Fans eager to see the Packers-Bears rivalry should be cautious when buying their tickets. The team received several reports of fake tickets sold online.

The Packers, Green Bay Police Department, and the Wisconsin Department Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection all warn to only purchase verified tickets from official sources.

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WASHINGTON - Senator Ron Johnson joined New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan in introducing a new law regarding cybersecurity Thursday.

The Wisconsin Republican chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

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