Local businesses offer free meals to veteransSubmitted: 11/07/2019
Devin Biggs
Devin Biggs
Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter

Local businesses offer free meals to veterans
RHINELANDER - Two businesses in Rhinelander will be showing their support for veterans on Monday.

CT's Deli and Casa Mexicana both are showcasing how much they care by inviting veterans to come in on Monday for a free meal.

A picture frame honoring veterans hangs year round in CT's Deli in Rhinelander.

"It's a nice remembrance and a nice way for everybody to see, you know, all the different veterans in the area, what we've done and who's done what," said CT's Deli Owner Tom Jordens.

For Chef Tom, Veteran's Day holds a special meaning.

"I did one tour in Iraq and Jesse was a veteran of the national guard," said Jordens. "We've had the ability to feed the veterans in the past 4 years and show our support for them."

The weight of serving and supporting his fellow veterans hits hard.

"It's an emotional day I think for us," said Jordens. "Just being able to interact with local veterans on that level by us serving them on that day is just an important day for us."

CT's Deli isn't the only restaurant recognizing the importance of Veteran's Day. Casa Mexicana in Rhinelander will also serve free meals to veterans in the area.

"We're gonna have 12 different selections and just our way to give back to them," said Casa Mexicana owner Alejandro Jacinto. "They've given up so much in sacrifice. We just want to show them that we care and we appreciate everything they've done and we want to give back to the community."

Casa has its own, unique way of showcasing its support for veterans also, even when they're busy.

"We just want to make sure we let people know," said Jacinto. "Because sometimes we are busy and when they come in, we don't get the opportunity to give out full thanks. We just want to put up signs with different phrases and things we believe in. Just like this one. We don't know them all, but we owe them all."

Both Casa Mexicana and CT's Deli have the same message on Veteran's Day.

"It's really an honor to just for them to come in here, serve them, maybe they can tell some of their stories and hear what year they served," said Jacinto.

"It's a special day that people can just say thank you and that's what we do on that day," said Jordens.

CT's Deli doesn't require veterans to show a Military ID, but they are encouraged to have it with them. Casa requires a Military ID to provide the meal.

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