Flambeau River Paper's future still uncertain after sale to Niagara WorldwideSubmitted: 11/07/2019
Story By Ben Bokun

Flambeau River Paper's future still uncertain after sale to Niagara Worldwide
PARK FALLS - Over 100 employees in Park Falls lost their jobs this year after the city's paper mill closed.

A new development this week provides little clarity into Flambeau River Paper's future.

The mill was sold to Niagara Worldwide for the liquidation price of nearly $2.2 million on Monday after it seized operations in early October.

Now, only a dozen employees remain to keep the facilities heated but it's long-term outlook remains unknown.

"Some very preliminary conversations I've had with them indicate that there certainly is a desire to resume some operations," said Park Falls Mayor Michael Bablick.

Almost 200 employees at the paper mill have lost their jobs this year.

"It seriously concerns me of the pay rates that these people who have really devoted most of their lives to this mill have to endure now," Bablick said about the next step for former workers.

Because of multiple closures throughout 2019, Flambeau River Paper avoided laying off every worker at the same time.

"While that is not easy in any capacity, to a certain degree, it has allowed workers get other jobs where there wasn't 300 people out at once," said Bablick.

Niagara Worldwide and Flambeau River Papers are not expected to finalize the sale until Nov. 13.

There's no telling if facilities will be used to make paper again.

"Until they [Niagara] are in ownership, until they're on the ground, we are just waiting and seeing at this point," said Bablick.

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