One week after Halloween a Marathon county parent found a very tricky treat in their child's candySubmitted: 11/07/2019
Story By Zackery White

One week after Halloween a Marathon county parent found a very tricky treat in their child's candy
WAUSAU - Warnings over tainted and poisonous Halloween candy are a huge part of the spooky holiday just as much as the costumes.

That warning came to life for one Wausau parent as they found a needle inside of their child's snicker bar.

According to a Facebook post by the unnamed parent, they "trick-or-treated on Quaw street over by Jerry's music on 4th Ave North and 5 Ave North."

Todd Baeten, a patrol Captain at Wausau PD, says that this incident is a rare occurrence and they are actively investigating the matter.

"What we have done at this point is that we have collected this foreign object we have collected the piece of candy,"said Baeten. "We're in contact with the complainant and we are doing our best to try to isolate this area and this potentially could have been received."

Becky Mroczenski, a communicable disease manager at the Marathon County Health Department says the parent did the right thing in this situation.

"I think she exactly what we recommend people to do, which is check the candy, she did notice something and she contact the police, which are all very important things." said Mroczenski.

The issue of potentially tainted candy hasn't only occurred in Marathon County, but across the state.

Five years ago in Stevens Point, a needle was found inside of a trick-or-treaters candy bar.

In 2017, police were called to a Green Bay residence after a woman found a needle sticking outside of a piece of candy given to her 8-year old granddaughter.

Three years ago, a woman found a nail sticking out of her daughter's tootsie roll.

Mroczenski says that treat safety should be prioritized when receiving candy.

"Typically treat safety is making sure your kids know not to eat anything before you check it," said Mroczenski  "If you do notice anything suspicious, you can either contact the police or throw it away."

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