Sokaogon Chippewa Community hosts cultural campSubmitted: 10/18/2019
Maya Reese
Maya Reese

Sokaogon Chippewa Community hosts cultural camp
CRANDON - Native American youth in the Northwoods will be hunting deer and learning how their ancestors got as much as they could out of the animal.

It's part of a camp that focuses on maintaining cultural practices within the community.

Tribal community member Chris McGeshick helps plan the Binaakwe Falling Leaves Cultural Fall Camp every year.

He says events like this help tribes prepare for the future.

"The more information that they know about their culture and their history, provides them better knowledge to be a leader in the future," said McGeshick.

The camp aims to explore traditional fall hunting activities and cultural practices with Tribal youth.

Sessions are hosted by regional Tribal harvesters and elders of the Sokaogon Chippewa community.

"We also touch on safety and we touch on our cultural heritage, whether it's the language, respect for mother earth, and additionally the respect for the resources," said McGeshick.

Cassandra Graikowski assisted in planning the camp as the tribal preservation officer.

She says they strategically plan activities depending on the season.

"We're going about the calendar year with the environmental indicators of when it's time to grab different items from the area," said Graikowski.

The camp takes place this weekend at the Goodman Park Campground.

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