Crandon band produces student-led homecoming halftime performanceSubmitted: 10/09/2019
Rose McBride
Rose McBride

Crandon band produces student-led homecoming halftime performance
CRANDON - A month into the school year, the Crandon band still does not have a band teacher. 

But walking into the classroom, you would never know that is the case.

Wednesday morning the Crandon High School band started learning new music for an upcoming concert. 

At the front of the room, directing the students wasn't a teacher, but one of their peers. 

"Everybody has been helping me out," said senior Brad Shepherd. "I've had a lot of help doing this and it's not just me."

Shepherd and fellow senior Jared Straley have taken on the responsibility of leading the band while they wait for a new teacher. 

"[It's] just the band students ourselves [that] have been making this happen," said Straley. 

That included orchestrating a halftime show during this past Friday's homecoming football game. 

"We were like, well what's a homecoming game without a halftime performance?" said Shepherd. 

Shepherd and Straley wanted to make sure their final homecoming performance would be one to remember. 

The task at hand meant picking out music. The seniors chose Iron Man by Black Sabbath and Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes with the help of the rest of the band. 

They also had to come up with a marching scheme. 

"We spent a few days out on the football field just trying to get everyone in the right spots," said Straley. 

The practice and planning paid off and the band students pulled off one of the most important performances of the year on their own. 

"I was happy with it for what we had and what we could do. I thought it went very well," said Shepherd. 

The new Crandon band teacher should arrive this week. Shepherd and Straley were both quick to deflect credit for their accomplishment, they said they got a lot of help from substitute teachers too. 

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