Rhinelander Woman's Club donates $10,000 for library bathroom renovationsSubmitted: 10/08/2019
Story By Maya Reese

Rhinelander Woman's Club donates $10,000 for library bathroom renovations
RHINELANDER - A port-o-potty temporarily moved into the downtown Rhinelander area.

It's there as the Rhinelander District Library is undergoing much needed bathroom renovations.

One local club has been helping the Rhinelander District Library for decades.

Cindy Goll serves as president of the GFWC Rhinelander Woman's Club.

She believes supporting the library is one of the most important initiatives through the club.

"It's a little town but you don't feel like it's a little town if the library can bring the rest of the world to Rhinelander," said Goll.

Library Director Virginia Roberts says many updates would not be possible without donations from the woman's club.

"A lot of the new materials, a lot of the large print could never have been afforded otherwise," said Roberts. "The library is not a museum, it's a library. The books get used, they get used to death in many cases and sometimes they just need updating." 

The club recently donated ten thousand dollars to help renovate the library's bathrooms.

The bathrooms got new sinks a few years ago, but will now finally get the full makeover they need.

"They basically doubled what the foundation has raised for those restrooms and it really did help quite a bit," said Roberts.

The club made a lot of donations to the library's children's department as well.

Library Assistant Denise Chojnacki sees the impact of the club.

"They're big into helping us promote reading and literacy in the kids and they like the historical issues so they tend to donate some money for books that have historical vantage points to them," said Chojnacki.

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