Sports Spotlight: Emily Lacina fights through illness for Hatchet cross countrySubmitted: 10/07/2019
Andrew Goldstein
Andrew Goldstein
Sports Anchor/Reporter

Sports Spotlight: Emily Lacina fights through illness for Hatchet cross country
TOMAHAWK - It's the perfect day for a run in Tomahawk's Bradley Park and everybody on the Hatchet cross country team is sick.

"I bet half the people here have a cold right now," sophomore Emily Lacina said. "Everybody here is hurting in some way."

Lacina felt even worse on the morning of the Smiley Invitational in Wausau.

"The day before, I went home from school because I had a sore throat, cough and a stuffy nose," Lacina said.

Lacina finished fourth in the Smiley to help the Hatchets win the D2 girls meet over rival Medford.

"It was just crazy," Lacina said. "I didn't expect that at all, honestly."

Lacina's head coach, John Zuelsdorf, did expect it.

"There are not a lot of kids that could do that, but we've been pretty lucky this year that the girls and a lot of our guys, even despite how they feel, have done well," Zuelsdorf said.

With the Hatchet girls ranked sixth in the division two state poll, the bar for doing well is getting higher.

"She has a realistic chance as well as some of our others of, even if the team doesn't move on, of moving on from sectionals to the state meet," Zuelsdorf said.

Nothing's going to stop Lacina from going all out, especially not a cold.

"State is my biggest goal," Lacina said. "I really think we can do it."

Tomahawk is not the only girls cross country team to look out for in the Northwoods.

Lakeland Union is ranked fourth in the same state poll. Medford is ranked seventh.

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"In 2016, there was less than a one percent difference between Clinton and Trump," said Blakeman. "So both political parties know Wisconsin is very much in play."

Both the President and Vice President have made recent stops to Wisconsin.

Democratic candidates are elsewhere seeking early-state primary wins, but Blakeman expects them to start coming soon - though not necessarily to Northern Wisconsin.

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"The numbers may be up for mosquitoes and ticks because we've actually had a pretty mild season for them," said DNR Forest Health Specialist Linda Williams. "Mosquitoes and ticks [spend] winter on the ground and we've had great snow cover all winter long up here in the Northwoods."

Very cold temperatures are needed to kill off some mosquitoes and ticks.

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