Merrill's common councils accepts applications for District 6 alderman vacancySubmitted: 08/14/2019
Stephen Goin
Stephen Goin

Merrill's common councils accepts applications for District 6 alderman vacancy
MERRILL - After Merrill alderman David Sukow survived a recall election earlier this summer, he resigned August 2 citing personal reasons.

Four out of five aldermen kept their seats following the July 17 vote, but Sukow's resignation now means the city will need to add a new member for District 6.

The council decided Tuesday night to accept applications for that open alderman's seat. Each candidate will need to sign a letter of intent and answer questions for a committee of the whole meeting September 10th. The common council would vote that night on their choice for District 6.

"The decision last night was clear. Have these letters of intent submitted, make a decision and get that position filled in September so District 6 is represented on the common council," said Bill Heideman, Merrill city clerk.

The council did explore other options to fill that open seat. Heideman said if no one applies for the vacancy, the council could also appoint someone. He also mentioned the possibility of holding a special election.

"The actual options we did have were to leave the seat open until next April, but municipalities don't like to do that because that district's not being represented in that case," said Heideman.

The common council went through a similar process last year when two alderman resigned in districts 2 and 3.

Those seats were successfully filled through an application processes.

People in Merrill's sixth district can apply for that open seat until August 30th.

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