Three Lakes wrestlers spent the week with Augustana College wrestling coachSubmitted: 08/09/2019
Three Lakes wrestlers spent the week with Augustana College wrestling coach
Mazie Vincent
Mazie Vincent
Sports Anchor/Reporter

THREE LAKES - The Three Lakes Wrestling team spent the week on the mats with a new man in charge. 

"Here in the Northwoods there's not a lot of camp or club opportunities for guys to get better and we are trying to help everyone grow," said Three Lakes wrestling coach Seth Senter.

Augustana College wrestling coach Chism Fink hosted a wrestling skills workshop for the Bluejays.

"I like traveling and like to give back to wrestling," Fink said.

"College coaches just have a lot more knowledge. It just helps," Senter said. 

Senter wanted his guys to learn some new moves this summer.

"The small things, the little techniques that make the moves work," Senter said.

"We worked on double legs, single legs, wrestling move and also a little but about the mentality and the mental part of wrestling so that's a huge thing," Fink said.

One of the biggest lessons Fink wanted the wrestlers to take away is that size doesn't define talent.

"You don't have to fit a certain mold, there's tall skinny people that are good at wrestling and there's short think people good at wrestling," Fink said.

Wrestling isn't necessarily a year long sport but you have to make it one to become a champion.

"It takes more than just coming to one camp in the summer. You gotta put in time each and every day to get better so hopefully they take some of those lessons and learn," Fink said.

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