Local horse jumping competition celebrates 20th anniversarySubmitted: 08/04/2019
Andrew Goldstein
Andrew Goldstein
Sports Anchor/Reporter

Local horse jumping competition celebrates 20th anniversary
Mandy Murphy looks at the young girls riding on top of the Great Northern Riding Club's horses and sees her childhood.

"I see myself when I'm timid," Murphy said. "I see myself when I'm game for anything. I see myself as when these girls help each other out all the time."

When you've run a horse jumping competition for 20 years, there's a lot of opportunity for reflection.

"Growing up, I wasn't the trainer," Murphy said. "I was the student. And now me being the trainer and seeing it from a different point of view, I love watching our girls grow and compete and succeed."

Horses jumped and trotted their way around a well-worn course all weekend long, all so the riders on top could get the ribbons for which they've worked so hard.

"I'd say you really have to have a good connection with your horse to do well in shows," equestrian Gabrielle Doyle said. "You just have to spend time with them even when we're not riding."

The Great Northern Riding Club offers a unique opportunity; a chance for riders to compete at an affordable price.

"Our circuit certainly does offer a lot different than other ones because we only do four shows in the summer versus some who go year round, traveling to different states," Murphy said. "Ours is very local."

Some of the area's youngest kids are taking full advantage.

"I just have been having so much fun and learned so much," 11-year-old Carlie Pudlowski said.

That's just what Murphy wants to hear.

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THREE LAKES - Teachers at Three Lakes School District created a laundry room in an effort to increase students' self-esteem.

Three Lakes technical education teacher Mike Gorney wanted to bring the washer and dryer to his school to help students who might not have access to one at home.

"I talked to a few staff members and said, 'let's make this happen,' and we did," said Gorney.

Thanks to donations from teachers and school organizations, Gorney raised the money for the laundry machines in a matter of hours.

"I'm not a patient man, so when I get my mind set on something I have a tendency to get on it and get it done," said Gorney.

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John Joseph Abel is a white male who is 5'8" and 247 pounds with brown hair, hazel eyes and a large scar under his chin/neck.

Abel was last seen wearing a baseball cap, flannel shirt, beige and red vest and blue jeans.

According to the alert, Abel was in contact with his brother Jan. 21 while he was at the St. Vincent de Paul store on Sunset Dr. in Waukesha.

Abel is said to have left his residence in Waukesha Jan. 22 at around 5 pm to visit his brother in Wausau. Abel never arrived in Wausau.

According to the alert, Abel was last seen driving a silver 2006 Volvo XC70 with license plate 173ZEK. The vehicle is missing its rear bumper shield.

Anyone with information on Abel is asked to call City of Waukesha Police Department at 262-524-3820.

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Tom's Drawing Board in Rhinelander will get the distinction of "Autism Friendly Business" from the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin. This distinction will officially mark the art studio a friendly place for those on the spectrum.

The idea started last April after Tom Barnett's friend, Pearl, voiced the idea at a city council meeting. It's been slowly coming together ever since.      

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APPLETON - The City of Appleton has banned license medical and mental health professionals from practicing conversion therapy on minors.

The resolution passed by the Common Council Wednesday night defines conversion therapy as the practice of trying to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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MADISON - Wisconsin wildlife officials will gauge reaction to a host of potential changes to the state's deer seasons in an attempt to rekindle waning interest in hunting.

The Department of Natural Resources board on Wednesday approved six questions for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress' April hearings.

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MENOMONIE, WI - Prosecutors say a Dunn County man fatally beat his elderly father with a piece of lumber, telling investigators it was payback for years of physical and emotional abuse he endured as a child.

Fifty-one-year-old Gary Styer is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the Jan. 15 death of 78-year-old Edward Styer in rural Colfax.

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