YMCA of the Northwoods emphasizes water safetySubmitted: 05/13/2019
Dan Hagen
Dan Hagen

YMCA of the Northwoods emphasizes water safety
RHINELANDER - The YMCA of the Northwoods offers swimming classes for kids as young as 6 months. It's up to parents to get their kids comfortable in the water, but all swimmers need supervision.

A few summers ago, lifeguard Abby Monk noticed a toddler drowning at Hodag Park in Rhinelander.

"I ran down and grabbed her and by the time I had even got her up out of the water and I was holding her, her mom didn't even realize that something was going on," said Monk.

Monk wants parents to know it's more than just being nearby.

"It's not just a parent present, but a parent actually actively watching the children," said Monk.

She said parents should always be sure to know who is watching the children.

Tricia Pecor with the Quality Inn in Rhinelander has strict rules for the pool. Without a lifeguard, hotel staff monitor the pool with cameras. But she still depends on parents.

"Children under the age of 13 cannot be here without a parent," said Pecor. "We also ask that parents with kids even under the age of 18 be here. Birthday parties we have a lot of children so we ask that multiple adults be here."

Monk added the sooner kids learn to swim, the better. Toddler Lucas Rossing is getting an early start. His mom, Megan, wants Lucas to enjoy water, but also respect it.

"I feel it's important that kids are comfortable in the water and have a healthy fear of it," said Rossing.

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RHINELANDER - Nobody likes to find a tick crawling on them. But ticks will find you if you're not careful this season. 

Brian Anderson, who is also known as the Tick Terminator, has studied ticks for 7 years.

He's on a mission to raise awareness on how to prevent tick bites and Lyme Disease, which includes knowing where ticks live. 

"Damp areas. Shaded areas," said Anderson. "They stay away from sunlight because they need moisture to survive."

Anderson recommends treating your clothing with permethrin solution, a tick repellent. 

It can protect you and your clothing for up to six months. 

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TOWN OF WOODRUFF - Ambulances took four people to hospitals after a crash in Oneida Co. on Tuesday afternoon.

The three-car crash was on Highway 47 just north of Lake Tomahawk.

Three people went to Howard Young Hospital in Woodruff and one was taken away by helicopter.

The crash cut off traffic at around 3 o'clock.

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TOWN OF PELICAN - Riders will likely come across a lot of standing water and rough stretches on Oneida County's ATV/UTV trails when they open for the season on Wednesday at 8 a.m., but a club president says that's not terrible.  In fact, he prefers the early-season riding.

Hodag 4-Wheelers Club President Paul Hagen went out Monday to put some finishing touches on his club's approximately 12 miles of trails it oversees around Enterprise.  Crews put up new signs, took down trees, and tried to smooth things out.

Hagen says all the rain we got over the weekend will mean riders should take it slow, but the moisture should cut down on dust.

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AP - Dress Barn announced that it will eventually close all 650 of its locations across the country due to poor sale figures.

The stores will run normally and customers can continue to shop either in-store or on-line during the transition.

So far, there are no changes to dress barn's return, refund or gift card policies.

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ANTIGO - Close to 100 people in Antigo will soon decide if they want to move to Milwaukee and stay employed or lose their current jobs and look for new ones closer to home.

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WAUSAU - A small plane crashed at the Wausau Downtown Airport Monday evening.

Wausau Police arrived around 7:45 p.m. and found the plane went off runway while landing and tipped onto a wing.

The pilot was not injured and was the only one on board. 

The crash caused only minimal damage to the plane. 

The NTSB was contacted but did not do an on-site investigation because it was a minor crash. 

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RHINELANDER - A 20-year-old Lac du Flambeau woman will serve probation time in the case that included a fake hostage situation in Rhinelander.

Rhinelander Police say, in February, Alyah Wayman made up a story about being held hostage in the Rodeway Inn hotel at gunpoint.

The incident drew out the Oneida Co. Special Response Team.

On Tuesday, Judge Patrick O'Melia gave Wayman a withheld sentence. She'll be on probation for two years and will face tougher punishment if she violates her probation.

Wayman pleaded no contest to theft and bail jumping charges and had four other charges, including a false alarm charge, dismissed but read into the record.

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