Sen. Baldwin introduces ACCESS BROADBAND ActSubmitted: 04/09/2019
Stephen Goin
Stephen Goin

Sen. Baldwin introduces ACCESS BROADBAND Act
WISCONSIN - Local Internet providers can apply for grants to help expand broadband access, but the process can be complicated.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin hopes a new bill will make things simpler.

The ACCESS BROADBAND Act would make it easier for businesses and rural communities applying for federal broadband grants.

The bill would create the Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth.

That office would educate underserved communities on ways to get high-speed internet and create one, simple application to apply for federal support funds.

Baldwin hopes that the office would bring rural communities up to speed.

"With 700,00 Wisconsinites lacking access, to reliable high speed broadband, too many are being left behind," said Badlwin.

The problem some people have with this bill is that it doesn't get rid the countless regulations needed to actually qualify for federal funding. 

The bill also doesn't address how the government would encourage larger Internet providers to service hard to reach rural areas.

Later this week Baldwin plans to introduce another new bill called the Internet Exchange Act.

That one will focus on building the infrastructure to support broadband in rural communities. 

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