COPE Coalition creates coaster campaign for suicide preventionSubmitted: 03/14/2019
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek
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COPE Coalition creates coaster campaign for suicide prevention
RHINELANDER - Suicide ranks among the top ten causes of death in America according to the CDC. In parts of the Northwoods, the suicide rate is well above the national average. Vilas County's suicide rate nearly double the national average, and Oneida County is not too far behind.

A group with representatives from three area counties decided to ask bar owners and bartenders to spread awareness, and possibly help save a life.

"We are hoping to reach a population that needs help," said Ascension Koller Behavioral Health clinical social worker and mental health specialist Heidi Pritzl.

Pritzl says that for men aged 45 to 54, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death. So, the Northwoods Tri-County COPE (Community, Outreach, Prevention and Education) coalition considered ways to change that statistic.

"Different approaches to reaching out and breaking stigma, and getting the education out there," said Pritzl.

One of the solutions they came up with is the coaster campaign. The idea behind the project is that when people walk into participating bars they'll see special coasters. The coasters include important information like national and tri-county crisis line phone numbers and even a website, headsupguys.org, which can help people battling depression or anxiety.

"I think it's great," said Oneida County Assistant Veterans Service Officer Jason Dailey, who is also a partner with COPE. "It's a good conversation starter, it's a resource." 

A resource that bars and restaurants across the Northwoods, like Bucketheads Sports Bar and Grill in Rhinelander, can easily use.

"We're happy to put them out, and we're always happy to help any local cause of campaign," said Bucketheads manager Lyndon Lampe. "If it helps one person then it's worth us trying it out."

Dailey hopes the campaign will help veterans and others who struggle with mental health.

"To get the word out there that this is an issue in our communities, that there are resources out there to help, that there's options other than suicide," said Dailey. 

The campaign is still very new. But Pritzl hopes the coasters will, at the very least, start a conversation in the community.

"Any way we can bring education to our community would be great," said Pritzl. 

Pritzl says tavern league leaders in Vilas, Oneida, and Forest Counties were contacted and all businesses within those leagues will have the coasters.

To contact the Tri-county crisis line call 888-299-1188 or for the national line call 1-800-273-TALK.

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Neither the campus nor the public were in danger, according to the Oneida Co. Sheriff's Office. Due to the circumstances of the man's death, Newswatch 12 is not releasing more information, but there appears to be nothing suspicious about the death.

Police got a report at 3:55 p.m. about a man lying face down near the entry drive to Nicolet College. Emergency responders took him to St. Mary's Hospital, but he died.

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Each kindergartner was partnered with a fifth grader to help them with planting and weeding.

Organizer Adriane Morabito said it is important for young people to know where their food comes from.

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The Oneida County Beekeepers Association promotes beekeeping in the Northwoods. 

It does its part to save the bees, and wants to encourage to do the same. It works to recruit new beekeepers, as well as teach people the importance of honeybees in our everyday lives.

"Bees are essential for our food supply," said Oneida County Beekeepers Association member, John Bigley. "If we lose the bees, we lose most of the food supply. So, we got to keep them healthy. We have to ensure that they are pollinating not only the flowers, but the fruit trees and vegetable gardens."

The organization is holding a class on June 1st for anyone who is interested in learning how to become a beekeeper. 

It's also an advanced class for beekeepers to learn more about bee tips and tricks. 

It will be held at Hansen's Honey Farm.

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Executive Director of Regional and Economic Development at Nicolet College Sandy Bishop said housing is the number one issue for local business-owners.

"Part of what we're learning about is the need for housing across the region and then also looking at what kinds of incentives and resources are available that can be tapped into," said Bishop.

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