Feb. 19 Local Primary Election ResultsSubmitted: 02/19/2019
Feb. 19 Local Primary Election Results
Lane Kimble
Lane Kimble
News Director

- The following are election results from contested races in the Feb. 19, 2018 primary from our viewing area.  The results are unofficial until the Board of Canvas for each local government approves them.


Stevens Point City Council District 9 (Top 2)

Polly Dalton - 107
Mary E McComb - 77
Brian Beaulieu - 76

Note from County Clerk: There are zero (0) provisional ballots outstanding, but given a one-vote margin, the canvas board meeting (which will probably be on Friday (announcement Wednesday) will go over the District 9 results to certify them when that meeting takes place, either Friday or Monday.


Park Falls Mayor (Top two)

Michael Bablick: 150
Daniel G. Leitl: 100
Beth Roberts: 16

Town of Elk Treasurer (Top two)

Joe Neerdaels: 80
Jean Klimkowski:19
James J. Pavlek: 4

Town of Flambeau Board Supervisor (Top four)

Michael Galloway: 89
Roy Boushon: 58
Karen E. Kerner: 45
Douglas AuBuchon: 40
Larry Weik: 23


Northland Pines School District Referendum ($4.6 million over 3 years)

Yes: 1230

No: 635

Boulder Junction Town Supervisor

Laura L. Bertch: 192
James Galloway: 144
Charlie Spencer: 119
Denny McGann: 111
Wesley G. Johnson: 100

Lac du Flambeau Town Chairperson (Top 2)

Matthew E. Gaulke: 247
Carl W. Edwards: 127

Stephanie Minisinookwe Thompson: 124
Write-In: 1

Lac du Flambeau Town Board (Top 4)

William "Bill" Stone Sr.: 190
Chris Mayer: 187
Gloria L. Cobb: 180
Bill McCutchin: 172

Bob Hanson: 166

Write-In: 1

Lac du Flambeau School Board (Top 2)

Gary Smith: 224
Brittany L. Allen: 201

Brandon Thoms: 39
Write-In: 2

Plum Lake Town Board (Top 2)

Vernon Wiggenhauser: 94
Katie Mortag: 62

Norman Rasmussen II: 21
Scattering 2

St. Germain Town Supervisor

Tim Clark: 164
Doug Olson: 142
Jack Bourgeois: 64
Scattering: 1


Saratoga Town Brd Chairperson (Top 2)

Terry Rickaby: 538
Travis John Demski: 102

Tony A. Berger: 68

Saratoga Town Board Supervisor (Vote for not more than 2)

Patty Heeg: 504
Douglas J. Passineau: 494
Mike Peterson: 160
Joshua McDonald: 159
Rebecca J. Mohr: 49

Stevens Pt. School Board Member (Vote for not more than 3)

Gee Pope: 17
Barb Portzen:12
Jeffery Ebel: 11
Ann Vang: 8
Kurt Pulvermacher: 8
Jodi L. Rentfrow: 7
Ed Morganroth, Jr.: 6

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MillerCoors is suing Anheuser-Busch over a claim that MillerCoors has corn syrup in some of their beers. We talk with a Minocqua brew master about the science of brewing beer and the possible use of corn syrup in its production.

The Rhinelander Area Food Pantry has been holding classes on nutrition, but now it will be going in a different direction. We'll tell you about the change and talk with food pantry workers about the new plan.

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RHINELANDER - A Rhinelander alderwoman will not face criminal charges for an alleged incident at city hall.  Dawn Rog says the accusations were "grossly overblown" and a "blatant attempt" at character assassination.

Oneida County District Attorney Mike Schiek sent a letter Friday explaining why he did not plan to file charges or a citation against Rog.

A city-contracted IT worker named Peggy Schauer told police Rog yelled at her and pushed her in the City Hall basement on Feb. 21.

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RHINELANDER - Oneida County will close its snowmobile trails Sunday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m.

According to a press release from county recreation coordinator Joe Renik, the trails are rapidly deteriorating.

Most of the county's trails opened on Dec. 29, 2018, which means riders saw nearly three months of continuous riding.  Oneida County trails closed on March 20 in 2018.

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RHINELANDER - The treadmills and elliptical machines that used to fill the building at 51 Brown Street in downtown Rhinelander will be replaced with armchairs and high top tables.

"The kind of atmosphere that we're striving for is for kids to be able to have some control over what they need," said Special Education and Pupil Services Director Maggie Peterson.

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RHINELANDER - Shelves stocked with ferret food, fish tank cartridges, and reptile basking bulbs would suggest Jennifer Marshall knows a thing or two about pets.

"We can say our zoo has grown, considerably," Marshall said.

With 21 pets of her own -- from snakes, to geckos, to a hedgehog -- Marshall certainly does, but that wasn't always the case.

"I didn't even own a reptile until last year," Marshall said.

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MERRILL - A Wausau manufacturer will relocate its operations to Merrill. A big reason for the move is the city provided FreMarq Innovations a $100,000 loan. If FreMarq keeps at least 50 jobs for the next two years, it will not have to pay the loan back.

Merrill City Administrator Dave Johnson said it's a win-win for Fremarq and the city.

"The council did the right thing and they voted to approve this. And now we have this program going and it will be to the benefit of the city," said Johnson.

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MERRILL - President Trump issued the first veto of his presidency last Friday. He rejected a resolution that would have blocked funding for a border wall without congressional approval.

Wisconsin 7th district representative Sean Duffy said Republicans and Democrats agree on about 95% of immigration reform. The wall is where they differ, but Duffy said immigration reform cannot happen without border security.

"To say we're going to do [immigration reform] with an open border I think is insane, stupid, and will never work," said Duffy.

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