Phelps students turn snowbanks into sculptures, building on creativity and camaraderieSubmitted: 02/14/2019
Lane Kimble
Lane Kimble
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Phelps students turn snowbanks into sculptures, building on creativity and camaraderie
PHELPS - Growing up in Phelps, Andrew Gill knows a thing or two about snow.

"It's powdery this year," Gill told us outside his high school on Thursday.

The senior class president and basketball player also knows a thing or two about winning.

"It's definitely, mostly, [about the] competition," Gill said.

But artwork? Not so much.

"No, I'm sort of letting them do their thing and trying to get some tips," Gill said.

Gill relied on his teammates -- four senior girls -- to help design their "snow horse." It was one of seven sculptures that students carved out in the Phelps school parking lot Thursday afternoon.  Others included a smiley face emoji, a campfire, and a model of the school building.

"Oh yeah, this was always fun as a little kid," Gill said.

The snow sculpting competition goes back years. Sixth through 12th graders work with their classes on designs. Then, they spend about 90 minutes creating their sculptures using shovels, garden tools, and paint.

Social studies teacher and student council adviser Kevin Grafwallner explained this was more than just a day of fun.

"It can be a little chaotic when you have so many kids outside doing one specific thing, but the kids love being outside, out the classroom and our staff members like enjoying the weather and seeing them work together," Grafwallner said.

"You get kids to work together as a team, communicate together and then create an awesome final product."

Crafting these products was delayed from its usual period in January this year, mainly because winter wasn't a team player. There wasn't enough snow until about a foot of it fell on Tuesday.

"Absolutely, it made for a great day and today's beautiful also," Grafwallner said.

Phelps teachers and staff voted on the winner, choosing the juniors' model of the school buidling. That class will get a pizza party thanks to the student council.

Gill hopes some of the younger students remember this day -- win or lose -- as he does.

"In a school this small, it's important to be close with your classmates because you're going to be with them, like your whole life, pretty much," Gill said.

Grafwallner says the school will try to protect the sculptures at least until parent-teacher conferences on Monday.

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MILWAUKEE - The man accused of kidnapping Noelani Robinson and charged with killing her mother Sierra Robinson, appeared in court Sunday according to our sister station TMJ4.

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It's no secret that people may need an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands when growing older.

One local organization known as Tomahawk Area Interfaith Volunteers (TAIV) works to provide that extra help to seniors. 

This month those volunteers will throw their annual spring fundraiser, Master the Mic.

It will be a night of entertainment in support of the program's mission of helping others. 

"It's our major fundraiser that all the money goes back to TAIV for operational costs," said board member Patti Panfil.

TAIV offers a variety of services, but their transportation aide is in high demand. 

"A lot of seniors do need the help in their homes or perhaps are not driving any more and they need transportation to and from, mostly medical appointments," said Panfil.

TAIV is currently looking for more talent to perform in the fundraiser's talent show.

It will be on March 30th for those who'd like to attend and/or participate. 

For more details, visit the link below:


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TOMAHAWK - Tomahawk Figure Skating Club presented its final show of the season Sunday. For high school senior Megan Marcks, it was the final show in a ten-year journey.

"[The plan is to] just to go out with a great performance and be able to experience this with a lot of great other skaters," said Marcks.

Figure skating taught Marcks resilience.

"I've fallen in shows in the past and I just shake it off and get back up," said Marcks.

It also let her escape the world for a few hours at a time.

"You can just go on the ice and get over anything you're having troubles with," said Marcks.

Through figure skating, she feels she can just be herself.

"I'm wearing jeans this year and I just love wearing jeans," said Marcks.

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Sunday, half of the money was raffled off to seven lucky winners. The other half will support the cause. Bar owner Aaron Schultz has ran the program for the past 11 years. He said all bars in the Oneida County Tavern League have safe ride vouchers for people who need it.

"You just ask your bartender for a free ride home and we will call the cab for you," said Schultz.

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